Made in Italy home decor
All our padded products have been studied to allow easy cleaning and simple maintenance, in order to ensure a long life. The recommendations
given in this brochure are only indicative, but we strongly suggest you conform to them. In case of any hesitation or doubts, you should contact
the Black Tie site or, in case of dry cleaning, a specialised dry cleaner.
In terms of cleaning, a distinction must be made between ordinary cleaning and stain removal. The former is used to eliminate daily and uniform
dirt; the latter to remove accidental stains.
There are two ways of cleaning the product:
1) washing in water, which can be done at home, by carefully following the instructions supplied with each model.
2) dry cleaning, which can be done by a dry cleaner. In any case it is preferable not to wait until the upholstery is heavily soiled; frequent cleaning
is a very good precaution.

The recommendations below do not bind Black Tie: every stain is a special case on which only a specialised dry cleaner can give a correct opinion.


Coffee: treat with water lightly acidified with white vinegar.

Red wine: as above

Ink: use an ink correction pen, following the same method used for stains on paper.

Fruit/Tea: sponge with a solution of water and alcohol and add one or two drops of diluted white vinegar. For very red fruit use some sodium
bisulphate with a few drops of diluted white vinegar.

Grease: sponge with white spirit or trichloroethylene. Cover with absorbingpowder. Brush and vacuum-clean.

Blood/Milk/Eggs: brush to remove any superficial dried bits. Treat with cold water added with ammonia, spreading some laundry soap, then rinse